Preventive maintenance has always been an integral part of maintaining a property, but it has become even more critical in the new age of labor shortages.  When your property manager suggests renewing or signing a contract for a vendor to provide preventive maintenance, your Board should seriously consider the option.

Preventive maintenance not only keeps your mechanical equipment working well but also guarantees your vendor will be looking at it on a timely basis.  You do not want to wait until something breaks and have to call a vendor.  You might be waiting a long time or risk that you will be paying overtime rates. Murphy’s Law usually applies to when something will break down.  It is never on a Monday morning during business hours.  It will always be late on a Friday of a holiday weekend.

When your vendor comes out to provide you with preventive maintenance, you know they will inspect the equipment and adjust to keep it running correctly.  They will also inform you of other repairs that might be needed or coming up.  This approach gives them time to order parts and schedule follow-up visits.

Planning has become more critical than ever; vendors are having a hard time with the labor shortages, and the supply chain has hindered everyone from getting the supplies they need. The current conditions have created long lead times to get appointments with vendors; a slower turnaround on receiving proposals and waiting lists to produce results.

Signing preventive maintenance contracts with your preferred vendors will help your Association and help you be a priority to them when service is needed.  Stay involved with your Association by attending meetings, reading your approved minutes, and communicating with your Property Manager.