What happens if someone in our building/property contracts COVID-19?

While we cannot legally mandate that someone who contracts the virus reports it to us, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE doing so.  Should we find out that someone in your building/property contracts the virus, we will communicate all the information we are legally permitted to in as fast a manner as possible?  Should a confirmed case be reported, Advantage and your Board of Directors will inform you of the action plan.

What about the 14-day quarantine policy? What if a curfew is imposed?

Advantage Management and your Board do not have the legal ability to enforce the law.  We have recommended in previous communications that all owners and tenants follow the CDC’s and World Health Organization recommendations, as well as those of the Governor.  In order to combat COVID-19 the best-recommended practices are to limit unnecessary trips outside of your house and to certainly practice social distancing.  “Flattening the curve” is the key to eradicating this quickly. Washing your hands frequently for 20 – 30 seconds is strongly encouraged as well.

What about food deliveries, Amazon deliveries, etc.? 

Your Board of Directors has the authority to govern the common elements. Many of our properties already require food deliveries to be met at the door or in the lobby.  By not letting people enter the residential floors and containing deliveries to the lobby, this can limit exposure. The same holds true for mail and parcel deliveries.  Again, washing your hands after opening a package or your mail is strongly encouraged. Should your Board decide to implement any restrictions, we would communicate them to you as soon as possible.

If Advantage Management office is closed, how do I get help?

As always, all non-911 emergencies should be communicated to Advantage’s 24-hour emergency line at 312-447-0911. 

What can be done to limit my exposure/chances of contracting COVID-19?

Practicing social distancing, washing your hands frequently and limiting your exposure (by not leaving your home unless necessary) are some of the keys to “flattening the curve.”  When coming into contact with high-frequency touchpoints (elevator buttons, door handles, mailboxes) feel free to use a paper towel or wipe over your hands or to wear gloves.  If you are not feeling well or exhibiting any signs of COVID-19, please be courteous to those around you and contact your health care professional immediately. We will continue to work with your individual Boards to determine if any property-specific additional actions are needed and will communicate such to you.