Advantage Clients,

As we soon start Phase 3 of the Governor’s “Restore Illinois” plan, we hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. As we enter this reopening phase, Advantage Management wanted to update all our clients with how we plan to handle this phase. 
The Recovery Phase includes manufacturing, offices, retail, barbershops, and salons that can reopen to the public with capacity and other limits and safety precautions in place.  Gatherings of 10 people or fewer are allowed.  Face coverings and social distancing are the norms.  This phase will allow Property Managers to work with your Boards to plan for common area use of buildings where applicable.  Advantage Management and your Property Manager will be working closely with your Board to determine how to safely open specific amenities that might have been closed during the stay-at-home order. 
Our priority is always the health of all our residents.  Any changes to reopen amenities will clearly be thought out, discussed, and a plan put into place to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  Since “Restore Illinois” is a fluid plan with no specific dates, but rather based on statistics, we cannot pinpoint exact dates but can have a plan in place and ready.
As we have moved into this new era of working remotely and social distancing, we are proud to announce that operations at all buildings continue to be safe and successful.  Advantage has worked diligently to ensure heightened levels of safety, cleanliness, and best practices have been adhered to.  In some cases, we have invented new “best practices” to address the specific needs of individual buildings and owners as the situation has warranted. We have conducted countless Board Meetings through Zoom and we can offer all our Associations the ability to meet virtually via a Zoom Meeting.  This allows your Board and Association to legally hold meetings and conduct business.
As we enter the recovery phase, certain building projects that might have been put off while we were under the stay-at-home order, may resume.  Advantage will work with all the Association’s vendors to ensure they are practicing proper protocol and safety precautions.  Specific details on your Association will be communicated to you by your Property Manager.
The new normal is wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing.  We continue to ask that all of our residents practice social distancing – keeping at least six feet between ourselves and others. We should approach contact with others as if they are infected. When using the elevator, no more than one person (more if they are living together in the same unit) should use the elevator at the same time. This means we may need to take turns and wait until others have completed their trip up or down before getting in.
Everyone should wear face coverings when out in public when maintaining social distancing presents a challenge.  It is also a good idea to wear one when walking through the common areas of the building.  You might wonder why you need to wear a face-covering when going to check for mail for example, but you never know who you may run in to, so it is best to err on the side of caution and wear one when in the common areas.
Please reach out to your Property Manager directly with any questions or concerns that apply to your specific property. Advantage will continue communicating often to keep you informed of the latest developments.  We would love to be able to “flip a switch” or put an exact date on when life will go back to normal, but right now we simply must wait and see how the situation continues to develop.  Hopefully, by good planning and safe practices, that can occur sooner rather than later.
Thank you for your cooperation and safety. We are all in this together!