Guide to Helping Run a Successful Association

As a Board Member, it might be easy to get overwhelmed with your volunteer position. It is easy to lose focus as you deal with current projects, homeowner concerns, next year’s budget, and annual elections. The number of emails and/or calls can make you feel like you have a second job, but take it in stride and allow your manager to help guide you through the process.

Five characteristics for running successful HOA, Townhome, and Condo Boards:

  1. Just as you will always want your Property Manager to respond to your requests, it is also a helpful best practice to be responsive to the Property Manager’s requests or questions. Your decisions and guidance are needed to keep projects moving forward. 
  1. Individual Board members should not get hurt or resentful when a decision doesn’t go their way. The Board makes decisions with a majority vote, so many viewpoints are involved. Different Board members may have different views on how best to spend Association money. Due to this, it is essential to remember that the majority rules. 
  1. Be flexible, and understand that different projects take different lengths of time. Some projects require more coordination, more vendors, and more steps than others. 
  1. Running an Association is very much like running a business; it is important to know the line between your position on the Board and what your Property Manager does for you. Sticking to your distinct roles helps efficiency and reduces any potential conflict or disorganization between the Board, the management company, the vendors, and all residents. It is great to be helpful, but overstepping will waste time and cause issues.
  1. Ask questions! Rely on the professional you have hired to guide your Association, asking questions that allow you to make better decisions. 

Advantage Management continues to look forward to working with – and helping – all of our Board members as we guide you through running an effective Association.