Unfortunately, not everything happens during business hours, so what do you do when something happens with your unit after hours? Fortunately, Advantage Management does have an after-hours emergency line for true after-hours emergencies. All you need to do is call 312-447-0911 (do not text this number).  Normal business hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
But what constitutes an emergency warranting a call?
Reasons to call the after-hours emergency line.
There is water coming through the ceiling into my unit:
Call the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline to report any active water infiltration. If possible, please contact the neighbor above. An active water leak is anything from a constant heavy drip to drizzling to outright pouring.
I came home and found the exterior building door isn’t locking:
If a common area door is not locking or closing properly, the property is at risk for unauthorized access. 
The elevator is not working:
If you only have one elevator, please call the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline for a technician to be called. If you have more than one elevator, please email your property manager so the elevator company can be called for a normal service call.
Other reasons to call the after-hour hotline once you have called the priority emergency services.
There is a fire in my unit/around the building:
Before calling the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline: Get everyone out of the unit and call 911.
I smell gas in my unit/around the building:
Before calling the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline: Get everyone out of the unit. Go outside or to a neighbor’s unit and call People’s Gas: (866) 556-6002.
There’s no electricity in my unit:
Before calling the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline: Your first call should be to ComEd (800-334-7661) to determine the nature of the outage. If you’re able to determine it is specific to the building (common area lights are out too), then call the Emergency Hotline.
A crime has been committed:
Before calling the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline: In case of a burglary, prowler, or trespasser, you should call 911 and request assistance.
Someone is in my parking spot:
Before calling the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline: If you have other parking, you can email your Property Manager, but if you do not, please contact the Emergency Hotline, so they can to arrange for the car to be towed.
Reasons NOT to call the after-hour hotline
I lost the keys to my unit:
Unfortunately, this is not a building emergency. Unit owners are responsible for their unit door and key. If you don’t have access to your own emergency spare key, you will need to contact a locksmith.
A package is missing or stolen:
Please contact the delivery service and then email your property manager.
I have no water pressure in my sink or shower:
If you are experiencing low water pressure, please call Advantage Management during normal business hours & we will schedule a plumber to come service your unit.
I have an accounting question about my assessments.
I have a question about my condo questionnaire.
I have a move or delivery scheduled, and I need to reserve the elevator.

For each of the issues above, please contact the office during normal business hours at 312-475-9400.If you do need to place a call to the Advantage Management Emergency Hotline, please make sure to leave the following:

  • Your full name
  • Building/Association name
  • Address with unit number
  • A description of the emergency
  • A number where you can be reached

Please be available to answer the phone when we call you back.
Advantage Property Management is a 24-hour/365-day business, but that does not mean your property manager is available 24/7. Please keep in mind these guidelines when calling the Emergency Hotline (312) 447-0911 after hours.
Thank you for your cooperation, and always reach out to your property manager if you have any other questions.