As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread and the Government has placed more strict regulations on the population we will continue to provide you with updates that might affect services at your property.
With the new regulations, we will strive to keep business as normal as possible.

Management:  Our Managers will continue to monitor emails from the property and provide updates to the property and board.  We will do what is possible to keep as many services to your property and deal with any emergency issues as they arise.  We appreciate your cooperation while we deal with these unprecedented conditions.  Our managers will stay in touch with your associations President to keep them updated as the situation changes.  We ask for your patience and understanding. You may also utilize our texting platform by texting from your cell phone directly to Advantage’s main office number at (312) 475-9400.  Our texting software will route your text directly to your property manager.  We encourage you to utilize our website at to access documents, check balances on your account or make payments. 

Meetings:  All in-person meetings have or will be postponed during the order to stay inside.  All of our managers have the ability to host conference call open board meetings if business or items need to be discussed.

 Assessments: While we are dealing with this situation we do ask that you continue to make regular payments to keep your association financially stable.  Many of your utility bills and other reoccurring invoices are set up on automatic payment and they will still need to be paid during this crisis.  Our essential staff will still be regularly checking the mail and processing checks.

The safety of our residents and on-site staff remains Advantage’s number one priority.  The Governor’s order specifically includes Security Guards, Doorpersons and Maintenance/Janitorial staff as “Essential.”
Maintenance/Janitorial/Engineering: During this crisis, we will work with your independent maintenance company/staff to provide at least the minimum services required.  While this will impact your property, we hope you understand we cannot ask these companies to risk their employee’s exposure. Your individual property manager will update your Board on any changes to regular services and in turn communicate to the residents.
Trash and Recycling:  Trash and Recycling will continue by your respective properties.  Due to the situation, some pick ups may be delayed as drivers may be reporting in sick.  In addition, there will be no large or special pickups.
Door Staff:  If you live in a property with door staff, we have heard from the company that as long as they have a healthy staff, they will continue to staff your property.  They are considered an essential business and will be allowed to go to work to make sure your property has security.
As of now, the local unions have instructed their members to go to work so long as they are not sick or feeling sick.
On-Site Management Office Hours:  If your building has an on-site office, we are working directly with your Boards to adjust hours as they feel appropriate to maintain services while keeping the staff safe.  In most cases, should the on-site office remain open, the Board will adopt a “Closed-door” policy and visitors will not be accepted in the on-site office. Communication will be via telephone, email or text.

Projects:  All current projects and scheduled work has been postponed indefinitely until we are clear to have people return to work.
We will continue communicating often to keep you informed of the latest developments. As always, our plans and actions will be rooted in our mission and values as we strive to do the right thing for our colleagues, clients, and communities.

We ask for your patience and understanding in this crisis.  While all the items and actions mentioned above are the plans as of now, that could easily change if conditions dictate.  Many of these things are out of the control of the Board, Management and the vendors/companies who provide these vital safety and quality services.
Please remember to practice social distancing, through hand washing, covering your mouth if you are coughing or sneezing, and other CDC recommendations.  If you have specific Coronavirus questions, the Illinois Department of Public Health has set up a 24-hour hotline at 800-889-3931.
Thank you for your continued loyalty—your confidence and trust are important to us. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Adam Stolberg                                  Neal Shamis,
President                                           Chief Operating Officer

Below are links to more information about the coronavirus:

Centers for Disease Control  This CDC site includes information about COVID-19 and provides travel information that might be helpful to those planning trips

Illinois Department of Public Health is another good source of information