The Community Association Institute (CAI) is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities. With over 40,000 members, CAI has 63 chapters worldwide, including Canada, the Middle East, and South Africa. CAI provides information, education, and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them. 

In addition to educating and licensing individual property managers, the CAI created an accreditation for Management Companies. The CAI created this accreditation to differentiate property management companies that provide a unique and diverse service and ensure that their staff has the skills, experience, and integrity to help communities succeed. The “Accredited Association Management Company” (AAMC) accreditation demonstrates a company’s commitment to providing the unique and diverse services community associations need. 

Through the Community Association Institute (CAI), Advantage Management is one of a small handful of property management companies with the distinguished honor of earning the AAMC in the state of Illinois. 

The AAMC credential is a seminal corporate achievement, but it’s more than a singular accomplishment. It’s a mindset, an attitude, and an ongoing commitment that inspires superior performance and company-wide professionalism. It symbolizes a corporate culture based on knowledge, expertise, customer service, and integrity. 

Your Association partnership with Advantage Management as an AAMC affirms that your association board is firmly committed to meeting its fiduciary responsibilities to the Association and its members.