We hope that this newsletter finds you and your family well. Quite a bit has changed from the world we all knew 30 days ago. Advantage Management hopes that our communications are not only helpful but offer some suggestions that might help to restore the world that we all can’t wait to return to. We must all be diligent in following our local, state and federal guidelines.
Previously scheduled tasks that are necessary, will continue to be addressed throughout our communities. We are answering emails, texts and phone calls and addressing all issues that can be addressed as quickly as possible. Emergency calls continue to be handled through the Advantage Emergency Line at (312) 447-0911 when the office is not open, or you are not able to reach anyone. We ask for your patience and understanding.
While all our offices will be operating with a small staff to process checks and invoices, we encourage you to utilize the available Advantage Management technology tools and resources. In contacting our office via telephone, you must leave a message if you do not speak directly to the person you are trying to contact. Our technology will forward messages to employee’s emails, cell phones, and private numbers so that they can receive and address your inquiry in a timely fashion. 
You may also utilize our texting platform by texting from your cell phone directly to Advantage’s main office number at (312) 475-9400. Our texting software will route your text directly to your property manager. We encourage you to utilize our website at www.advantage-management.com to access documents, check balances on your account or make payments. 
While we are dealing with this situation we do ask that you continue to make regular payments to keep your Association financially stable. Many of your utility bills and other reoccurring invoices are set up on automatic payment and they will still need to be paid during this crisis. Our essential staff will still be regularly checking the mail and processing checks.
We have instructed the cleaning services/crews to modify where applicable; additional attention to common areas especially high touch areas like door handles, elevator buttons and hard surfaces. You should still take additional precautions when in the common areas. Using gloves or disinfecting wipes to open doors or press elevator buttons will provide additional security in fighting the virus. In some communities, the cleaning crews are starting to work early in the morning to engage with as few people as possible. If you should encounter any cleaning staff, please adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone as the CDC states. There is absolutely no reason to take unnecessary risks.
For those residents that are still going to the store often, you might consider going at off-peak hours. Getting to the grocery stores when they open has yielded better results than going to the store when everyone else seems to be going. Also for some of the hard to find items, like cleaning supplies, disinfecting wipes, anti-bacterial soap, toilet paper, you might want to consider shopping at Staples, Office Max, Home Depot, Menards, Loews, etc. Often, over the last 10 days, we have found items at these stores when Target or the grocery stores are out of them. Many of the local stores also offer delivery service if you are not comfortable leaving your residence.  
Thank you for your continued loyalty—your confidence and trust are important to us. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


Adam Stolberg                                  Neal Shamis,
President                                           Chief Operating Officer

Below are links to more information about the coronavirus:

Centers for Disease Control  This CDC site includes information about COVID-19 and provides travel information that might be helpful to those planning trips

Illinois Department of Public Health is another good source of information