As an owner of your home, you are a member of an organization, and there is more to it than just paying your monthly assessments. It would be best if you familiarized yourself with your Governing Documents. If you are unsure what those are, they include your Association’s Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules & Regulations. These documents help guide how your association is run. You should attend the board meetings for your association and realize that your board comprises volunteers who put in a lot of work. Most associations will have annual elections before year-end, and we encourage all owners to participate in the process. Participation doesn’t mean you need to run for the board, but voting is just as important. A quorum needs to be met to have an official meeting, so you count as the quorum by filling out a proxy or ballot.

If you are not the type who can participate and run for a board position, please still realize the amount of work that goes into being a board member. As a volunteer, it is a thankless job. Board members are challenged to make financial decisions for the entire association. It is never easy for a board and its members to increase assessments or pass a special assessment, but these decisions are needed. Please understand and respect the decisions of your boards to do what is right for an association. Too often, boards are unfairly criticized by their fellow neighbors for their actions. If you haven’t been in their shoes and stepped up to participate in the process, it is not right to make these comments.

Most associations struggle with getting people to run for board positions, and when their fellow owners criticize the actions of your board, it makes your current board not want to run for reelection. It takes a combination of your board, property manager, and owners to make a successful association. So, as we come into election season, we ask that you consider running for a board position, vote when it is your election, and have some empathy for the people who do step up.

Reach your property manager for more information on how to get involved.