As the holidays approach, and as the amount of time we spend shopping online increases, it is an excellent time to talk about package deliveries and the best practices for getting a package delivered to you safely.   Did you know that 29% of people have claimed to have had a package stolen during COVID-19? This is according to the Shorr Package Theft Statistic Report 2021.

So how do you protect yourself from package theft?  What are the best practices for your association? Here you will find seven best practices.  Hopefully, one or a combination of them will best suit you.

  1. Signature Confirmation – Don’t rush through the ordering process.  Always make sure when ordering that you check the box that you want signature confirmation when available.  This way, the delivery service can’t just leave the package by your door or in your mailroom.  Someone needs to sign for the parcel to have more control over things if it gets lost.
  2. Tracking – Make sure you get the tracking number when you order.  Most online retailers will email you the tracking information when your order is ready to ship.  You can get alerts through email or text to see where your package will be at all times.  This can help you plan when you might want to be home to receive your package if that is an option.
  3. Delivery Day – If possible, it is always nice to be home when your package arrives but not very realistic.  If you can’t be home and are fortunate enough to have door staff, you should alert them that something is coming, and through the tracking, you will know when your door staff signed for it.  If you do not have door staff and can’t be home, you should try to network with neighbors to see if they could keep an eye out for the delivery and take it in when it arrives. 
  4. Ship to locations or lockers – Many of the delivery companies have a local site where you can request for your item to be delivered and signed for, and then you can stop by later after work to pick up the package.  UPS and FedEx both have store locations and/or lockers.  Amazon also has “ship to” sites with 24 hours pick-up access. Currently, if you are an Amazon Prime member, they have many locker locations in the Chicagoland area.  This is a great option and helps control the situation.
  5. Get to Know the Delivery People – It is nice to get to know your delivery drivers.  It helps to know their schedule and their routine.  You can then let them know your preference of where to leave your package. Most drivers have some discretion regarding deliveries, so if something seems off at your place, they can choose to leave you to notice about an attempted delivery instead of leaving your valuables at risk.
  6. Ship to work – If possible, you can ship items to your workplace. 
  7. Security Cameras – When you have a common mail area, and you don’t request signature confirmation, then drivers can leave your package in a common mail area.  Many associations over the past few years have installed security cameras to watch th package deliveries.  The cameras are usually accessible for online viewing, and the recordings get saved to a DVR.  This does add a layer of protection and deterrence – if someone takes the package, you will now have a video of who took it.  You can request a copy of the video from your Property Manager and go to the police, but you still won’t have your package.  Security cameras are a great security feature to have, but the options above are better for getting your packages safely and securely.

We hope these tips have been helpful and make your online shopping experience a better one.